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Helen Blier Appointed Director of Continuing Education

CE Program Recognized in National Study

PTS Honors Three Retiring Faculty Members

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Online Learning

Continuing Education usually offers online courses annually. The courses consist of weekly interaction both with the instructor and with others in the course, and they extend over a period of eight weeks, with approximately three to five hours of participation online each week, plus readings.

For this annual calendar, we are unable to list online course offerings. In addition to implementing the new software management program mentioned earlier, the Department is in the process of changing platforms for course delivery, moving from MoodleRooms to the Seminary’s e-learning platform. Because it is difficult to estimate how much time will be required to make the transfer, as well as to train our instructors to use the new system, we determined that it would be best not to provide a firm list of courses at the moment. When the transfer and training are complete, the Department will publicize new offerings. If you are interested in joining in an online class this year, watch for announcements at!