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The Playroom serves the Seminary community by offering childcare during regularly scheduled daytime class hours and exams at a very minimal cost to parents. A director , assistant director, and part-time aide, along with work-study students, staff the Playroom. The cozy infant/toddler room accommodates children ages six weeks to two and one-half years in a caring, safe environment. Developmental programs are stressed and the children are challenged to learn. In the large, colorful room for the two and one-half to five yearolds, there is a balance between free creative play time that leads to socialization, and structured planned activities that promote interest in learning readiness skills. There are outdoor facilities that are used often and occasional field trips along with other enrichment activities. Interested parents need to contact the Playroom Director early. There are a limited number of spaces available. Contact the Playroom at 412-924-1399 or